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Pure Storage FA-X10R2-FC-19.2TB (10.71TiB Usable Capacity) with Fiber Channel Connectivity
1x Pure Storage Flash Array X10R2, 10.7 TiB Usable Capacity, 19.2 TB RAW, 2x 4-port Front End FC 16 Gbps with optics, 4x 10 GbE IP ports for iSCSI (incl. SFP), 4 x 1GbE IP ports for Management, 4x 10 GbE IP ports for Replication, Purity Software 5.x with all-inclusive software features such as: Data Reduction (Compression and Deduplidation), 4 slots I/O available for expansion, Synchronous & Asynchronous Replication, Thin Provisioning, Snapshot, Encryption, GUI Based Monitoring, VMWare vCenter Plugin, RAID HA with Dual Parity, Redundant Storage Controller and Power Supply, 1 x 19,2TB Datapacks Flash Module in Base Chassis, FA-X10R2-19.2TB INTL-1MO,PRM,SILVER: 36 bulan (3 tahun) Evergreen Silver Level Subscription for Pure Storage Flash Array X10R2, 19.2 TB RAW, 10.7 TiB Usable Capacity chassis, with 24x7x365 Remote Monitoring Support
Rp 1.610.394.000